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12.05.2010 Anons. The 6th Annual ECR Forum, the biggest FMCG/Retail event of a year in Russia, is coming closer and closer


The Forum takes place June 2-4 2010, in Conference Hall, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Volkhonka 15).

Forum features:

- 1 000+ attendees expected

- international best practices (20+ countries attending) and top International CEOs (Frans Muller, Metro Cash&Carry International, Xavier Filou, L'Oreal International, Jean-Mark Saubade, Consumer Goods Forum, etc) 

- Major Retailers on Manufacturers on Stage (Metro, Auchan, Tesco, X5 Retail Group, Kesko, Kraft Foods, Danone, P&G, Coca-Cola, Nestle, etc)

- Top Government representatives (MinFin, Minpromtorg, FAS)

- Retail-tour: From traditional trade to the biggest store in Europe

Visit the 6th ECR Forum and you will learn about:

- How international retailers and manufacturers are benefiting from collaboration and implementation of ECR Best Practices and successfull growth strategies in diversified markets

- The Consumer Goods Forum - an independent global parity-based Consumer Goods network

- French and European best practice implementation for Shelf Ready Packaging

- Category Management in Russia: Solutions for Successful Implementation

- EDI Collaboration: Increase your Business Efficiency through Technology Benefits

- The OSA insihts from the Global Leaders

- Shopper Insights and Innovations. Efficient Product Launches

- The benefits of implementing Global Standards of e-business from the perspective of today’s and future’s business requirements

- Developing logistics in regions and forming the supply chain of tomorrow.

- How does Trade marketing react on changing environment? What are the approaches and tools to win shopper attention?

- How retailers and suppliers can improve profitability in crisis time?

- How branded goods manufacturers and modern retailers see the process of driving demand and generate profitable, sustainable business growth together with their business-partners

- Increase of collaborative efficiency - main target of suppliers, retailers and 3PL operators

- Get latest insights about using the social media in your business

- E-invoice pilot in Russia

- How to make Scorecard a Tool for your business performance measurement and benchmarking

- Developing a mutual and continuing relationship between retailers’ brands, products and agreed target consumers.

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ECR Community Forum 2010 in Russia. More than 800 Participants!

The ECR Community Forum 2010, organized by ECR Finland, ECR France, ECR Poland and ECR Russia took place in Moscow on June 2-4, in Conference Hall, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour


Commercial Real Estate. The highest prime shopping centre rents during Q1 2010 in Europe were achieved in the United Kingdom

The highest prime shopping centre rents during Q1 2010 in Europe were achieved in the United Kingdom at ?1,900 per sq m per annum, followed by France (?1,700). The third most expensive rents were recorded in Russia (?1,500) followed by the rest of Western Europe. Due to the limited availability of prime retail space in many shopping centres across Europe, the outlook for prime rents in most European markets is stable despite the inevitable slowing of demand from occupiers over the last 18 months


M.video. Retailer reports growth of its revenues and strong gross margin performance in FY 2009

M.video retail sales increased by 3.2% to 83 billion Russian rubles (RUB) with VAT in FY 2009. The Group’s total sales (including revenue from wholesale operations) also increased by 1.4% to 85.6 billion RUB (with VAT). Growth in revenues was driven by M.video’s expansion and was achieved despite a significant market decline due to the impact of the recession


Retail Investment. “The Big 5” markets account for 80% of Retail Investment in Europe in Q1 2010

Direct retail real estate investment in Europe in the first quarter 2010 accounted for ?5.4 billion**, more than double the volume of Q1 2009. As Jones Lang LaSalle anticipated in its report – ‘The Big 5’ – core European markets continue to be the main focus for investors, with volumes in these markets (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) accounting for over 80% of total retail transactions across Europe


Anons. The 6th Annual ECR Forum, the biggest FMCG/Retail event of a year in Russia, is coming closer and closer

The Forum takes place June 2-4 2010, in Conference Hall, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Volkhonka 15)


Russia. Russian real estate market will be stabilishing in 2010

The Russian real estate market has been deeply affected by the recession. An 8 percent contraction in the economy during 2009 severely affected corporate occupier demand and also dented confidence among investors who were used to double-digit returns. Developers and owners became increasingly flexible, initiating a very sharp contraction in real estate prices to reflect the new market reality; prime office values fell by over 70 percent in Moscow between mid 2008 and mid 2009, among the highest corrections in the world. Despite the improvements, the markets remain vulnerable, and any faltering in economic growth could derail the recovery


Saint-Petersburg. Leto Shopping and Entertainment center is already more than 70% leased out

This was announced last Friday, the 26th of March, at the business breakfast which was organized by Sistema-Hals, Apsys Group and Jones Lang LaSalle at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow

Development of shopping centres. It still declining to a low point in 2011

The rate of development of new shopping centre space in Europe slowed considerably in 2009. It is unlikely that development levels will pick up before 2012 at the earliest, says real estate adviser Cushman & Wakefield in its new European Shopping Centre Development report


Saint-Petersburg. Three BNS Brands will be presented at LETO Shopping center

Sistema-Hals (HALS), a leading diversified company in the Russian and CIS real estate market, and Apsys Group, one of the leading European companies engaged in development and management of retail real estate assets, announce of the attracting of BNS fashion retailer to LETO shopping center (Saint Petersburg)


Commercial real estate. Tenants are still focused on their expansion in Moscow and St.Petersburg as it was in 2009

Rental rents in shopping malls have generally been stable since the end of 2009. Rental rates for street retail premises have increased by 10-15% depending on specific well located properties

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