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Retail. Supermarkets widen its virtual networks

With the help of internet-shops Russian retailers hope to increase their sales, but the trade in the Internet so far brings in only 2% of total earnings

Retail. Analytics report about the growth slowdown of the retail trade turnover

In first half-year of 2009 the turnover of retail trade decreased by 3% in comparison with analogous period last year. According to the analytic’s forecast, the result of the whole year will be the reduction of it by 8,8%


Detskiy mir. The retailer will gain the guarantees from the government of Moscow

The government of Moscow has put the state guarantees of 1,15 billiard rubles for the retail network of goods for children “Detskiy mir” in the city’s budget of 2010. The government will demand 25% of stocks of “Detskiy mir - Center” as a support

Ekaterinburg. Less than 5% of trade areas are stand empty in malls

The level of rentals in region center in August has decreased by 24% in comparison with analogous period last year


Retail. The Federal Antimonopoly Service equated the medicine with food

Retail networks now could sell over-the-counter drugs by its own, however, they have no interest in it

Macromir. The company conceals earnings from their creditors

Almost bankrupt developer has created subsidiary enterprise on the account of which come all the earnings from leaseholders


Moscow. No significant changes on the Moscow retail real estate market in July

Oleg Efremov, Senior Consultant, Retail Services, Cushman & Wakefield Stiles & Riabokobylko, says: "We do not expect dramatic growth of activity in August, typically a quiet month for real estate decisions"

Moscow. The multifunctional complex won’t be built on Sukharevskaya square

The Administration of Moscow has decided to cease the project of the multifunctional complex construction on Sukharevskaya square. The reason is called as “the situation of the land lot on the territory of restricted area of historical and cultural monuments”

Commercial real estate. The Moscow market will soon face hard times

According to the analytics of Infoline, in near-term outlook Moscow should be ready for the further falling in price of rentals, the increase of the volume of vacant areas and for the development of new retail formats: Retail Park and Outlet mall


Ikea. The Administration of Samara Region started to consider the activity plans of the project “Mega-Samara”

The state building inspection of Samara Region has started to consider the activity plans for the modernization of the project of trade and entertainment complex “Mega-Samara” in compliance with the construction regulations of Russian Federation. This project was offered by Swedish concern Ikea

Saint-Petersburg. The construction of the department store “Stockmann” in the center of the city continues

In spite of earlier problems, the contractors achieved the permission to continue the construction process, however, finally this problem hasn’t been solved yet


Saint-Petersburg. The outlet and retail-park will be built in “Utkina Zavod”

The company “Utkina zavod” has presented the master-plan of the development of the territory of the same name with the area of 240 hectares, including the construction of trade zone of 47 hectares

Moscow. The market of commercial real estate in the capital of Russia: the growth of prices, the reduction of demand

The supply of Muscovites with the areas of qualitative malls is growing; the demand for the commercial real estate at the same time is decreasing, according to the analytics of Becar Realty Group. Till the end of the year the bringing into of near 500 thousands square metres and the relative stability of the level of vacant areas are forecasted


Retail. The shop networks continue to be interested in free areas left after the closure of casinos and the arcade machines halls

Formerly the potential leaseholders were waiting for the falling in price of rentals, however it hasn’t happened yet

Saint-Petersburg. The situation on market of commercial real estate in the city has stabilized

The demand on the premises in stabile malls unchangeably exists. The most popular are the rooms with the area of 150-200 square metres. Many lessors agree to negotiate about the reduction of rental


Escada. Fashion house could announce its bankruptcy

The company’s negotiations with the holders of securities came to grief. The decision of its bankruptcy is expected by the end of the week

Ekaterinburg. Grocery retailer has built a commercial complex of its own

The grocery network in Ekaterinburg “Picnic” created a trade complex of its own with the total area of 8,5 thousands of square metres. The mall consists of three stores on which the departments of foodstuff and nonfoods and the car park area are situated


Commercial real estate. The sales of malls and offices, the cost of which fell in price on 40%, are very low all the same

In the situation when the dealership on the selling of commercial areas almost disappeared, a lot of companies remove their objects from sale

Lenta. One of the biggest grocery retailers can change the owner

The founder of one of the biggest Russian grocery retailers "Lenta" Oleg Jerebtsov signed in June the option agreement for a period of three months about the selling of 35% of network to the fund Marshall Capital Partners


Retail. A third of clothing shops will withdraw from the market to the end of the year

According to the experts’ opinion, a third of 42 000 Russian retailers of clothing sales could withdraw from the market to the end of 2009


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