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The main target of ShopAndMall.Ru is to grant our clients reliable, actual and most complete information of commercial trade estate of Russia. We offer information about retail, shopping malls, proposals for franchise, for rent and sale of the selling spaces.

ShopAndMall.Ru consists of a database, containing complete information about distribution networks, shopping malls, developers and companies of attendant services. The area our database covers includes all Russian cities with more than 100 000 citizens, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The database is updated daily.

It is easy and convenient to search through the data base. Data search may be managed using either the name of required company and estate property or other items of description of the object one is interested in.

ShopAndMall.Ru also produces everyday news reporting about all events and trends in commercial trade estate and retail in Russia.


Commercial real estate. Russia is the leader among European countries in the quantity of opened trade and entertainment centers

As the result of the first half-year of 2009 115 trade centers with the total area of 3,1 million square metres were built in Europe. 580 thousand square metres are presented in Russia. By the end of 2010 there will appear 1,8 million square metres of trade areas more


Х5 Retail Group. The retailer goes on the market of cellular connection

The company gained the license on the creation of virtual connection operator and has signed the preliminary memorandum with MTS. The first subscribers of new operator will be the customers of the networks “Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok” and “Karusel”

Retail. On Retail Grand-Prix 2009 and National Retail Awards 2009 the prizes were presented in the field of retail

The prizes were given to top-managers and companies which were capable to become the most effective in new economic conditions. Within the bounds of Summit Retail Business 2009 the winners of the III annual awards Retail Grand-Prix 2009 и National Retail Awards 2009 were named. The prizes were given to top-managers and companies which were capable to become the most effective in new economic conditions


Krasnoyarsk. The government of this krai will develop the shops in “pace accessibility”

The programme presupposes the placing of shops both on the available territories and in temporary trade pavilions. 28 shop outlets in “pace accessibility” have been already opened in Kansk

Krasnodar. The last part of trade and entertainment center “SBS Megamall” was opened

The trade and entertainment complex is totally finished. Its total area is 160 thousand square metres, the trade area – 101 thousand square metres. The rental is 450-2500 dollars for one square metre per year


Moscow. The government of Moscow will relinquish the shares of trade and entertainment center Mall of Russia

The administration of Moscow suggested the company AFI Development its shares of trade and entertainment center Mall of Russia instead of its investments of the objects MMDC “Moscow-city”

Home center. Israeli retailer leaves Krasnodar

The home goods hypermarket of Israeli retailer “Home Center” situated in the trade center “Galaktika” in Krasnodar has been closed. Castorama is now on its place


Auchan. French retailer launches new trade format

The network of the hypermarkets “Raduga” is being created specially for Russian market. One shop will occupy only 5-7 thousand square metres. The company explains the necessity of creation of new format by deficit of trade areas

Commercial real estate. Rentals begin to increase

For the first time, from October 2008, the increase of rentals in the most popular trade centers has been noticed in Moscow


Kesko. The network of supermarkets K-Food will appear in Russia in 201

Annual receipt of new food retailer’s network could achieve 4 billiard euros. K-Food will be opened anyway, however, it’s still not known if it is the purchase of existed Russian retailer or the work starts from point zero


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