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Rental of retail space in Moscow and other cities

ShopAndMall.Ru is a useful business service for all whoпїЅs related to commercial trade estate and retail.

The main target of ShopAndMall.Ru is to grant our clients reliable, actual and most complete information of commercial trade estate of Russia. We offer information about retail, shopping malls, proposals for franchise, for rent and sale of the selling spaces.

ShopAndMall.Ru consists of a database, containing complete information about distribution networks, shopping malls, developers and companies of attendant services. The area our database covers includes all Russian cities with more than 100 000 citizens, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The database is updated daily.

It is easy and convenient to search through the data base. Data search may be managed using either the name of required company and estate property or other items of description of the object one is interested in.

ShopAndMall.Ru also produces everyday news reporting about all events and trends in commercial trade estate and retail in Russia.


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Искомая площадь:
от 50 м2 до 100 м2

Искомая площадь:
от 6 м2 до 30 м2

Уфа (Башкортостан Респ.)
GBA: 16500 м2 GLA: 11400 м2

Красногорск (Москва / Московская обл.)
GBA: 13838 м2 GLA: 10650 м2

Новосибирск (Новосибирская обл.)
GBA: 150200 м2 GLA: 62500 м2

Кафе, ресторан
от 500 000 до 600 000 руб.
от 6 м2 до 20 м2

от 20 000 000 до 60 000 000 руб.
от 1 000 м2 до 3 000 м2

Здоровье, лечение, профилактика
от 1 090 000 до 2 420 000 руб.
от 10 м2 до 60 м2

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